This is it, the last time in 2016 to pick up some free games for PlayStation users. Announced through the PlayStation Blog, PS4 users will get the chance to pick up Invisible, Inc. and Stories: Path of Destinies. PS3 users can pick up Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, the latter of which is available for cross-buy for PS4 users. PS Vita users can pick up VVVVVV and Color Guardians, again the latter of which available for PS4 via cross-buy.

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  • Orlando

    Who else is tired of all these crap games? In the last year the only two games I’ve downloaded and kept have been Battlefield Hardline and Resident Evil. Seems like they are shoving all this Indie crap down our throats and expect us to say Thank you because their free. Don’t get me wrong I love PlayStation and have always stuck with them but, Come on man. I had no problem with paying for online and the free games were supposed to be a big plus for having to pay now. Your letting me down Sony. I’m hanging in there. We are starting a new year. Give me something nice.

  • Derrick DiGrace

    I would have to agree that most of the games that PlayStation comes out with are crap.. although occasionally you get some really good games.. like the rpg adventure game featured here.. honestly I also feel like they don’t care but hey I was born a Sony fan.. and Ill die one , so they need to really listen to what people want and not what there just trying to get out of it.. because it’s not very good and nobody wants to be burned by a company they love so much .. get it together Sony!

  • Joe Marchese

    I agree that the list leaves something to be desired. I think Rocket League really ruined it for everyone since they found a game that was unknown and made it a huge success. Now they keep trying to replicate that success, but it’s very hit or miss and I think the overall quality suffers.