A leaked trailer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 showed of some interesting details about the game. The teaser which you can find here, at least until it gets pulled, revealed that it will include every era of Star Wars. From Darth Maul to episode VII’s protagonist Rey, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will pull from each era and have players “fight multiplayer battles”.

There was no promise of any single player campaign and even showed off some mighty big space ships. Whether those space ships are able to be piloted remains to be seen, but the teaser boasts all footage being in-engine. We grabbed a couple of screen shots just in case it gets yanked, so check those out below.

Someone also gets ran over by what looks like a tauntaun, so thats pretty cool. No other information was given, but being the huge property that Star Wars is we will probably know more soon.

Excited for Star Wars: Battlefront 2? Can’t wait to pick up Darth Maul’s dual lightsabers? Let us know in the comments below and as always keep checking New Gamer Nation for all the news on upcoming releases.

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