It isn’t much, but we now know that Destiny 2 is real. After a leaked poster made the rounds last week it seemed that Destiny 2 would be coming this year, while we still don’t have a release date Bungie has confirmed the sequel to the ever changing first person shooter. Bungie took to twitter and posted this image through the official Destiny account.


Rumored to be released on September 8th of this year, Destiny 2 will be a full fledged sequel and not add on content. Activision has not commented on the release, but a power point presentation aimed at investors lines up with previous information.

“Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise‚Äôs global reach, which along with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth”

Meanwhile the original Destiny will see the launch of it’s final update “Age of Triumph”, which will be a “victory lap” for the guardians who have stuck around.

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