Nintendo has made some changes within their offices to lead into the future following the untimely passing of Satoru Iwata. Nintendo has named Tatsumi Kimishima as it’s new company president for the next year. Kimishima is the former Managing Director and was serving as Nintendo’s Human Resources head. He also has served as Nintendo of America’s president from 2002 to 2006 where he was succeeded by Reggie Fils-Aime. Prior to that, he worked at Sanwa Bank in Japan for nearly three decades. He was also the Chief Financial Officer of the Pokemon Company and later, the president of the company’s US arm.

Nintendo has also announced Nintendo executive, and the man behind many of Nintendo’s famous franchises, Shigeru Miyamoto as a “Creative Fellow”. Genyo Takeda, the man behind the Wii, is now listed as “Technology Fellow.” Both remain senior managing directors as well as representative directors at the company. Nintendo also announced they would merge the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division and the Software Planning & Development Division into one department, called the Entertainment Planning & Development Division. The two in-house departments at Nintendo were responsible for creating games, and will continue to do so for Nintendo platforms and smart devices. All these changes are to take place Wednesday this week.

At a press conference today in Osaka, Kimishima is quoted by Nikkei as saying, “There will be no change in President Iwata’s fundamental objectives and strategies.” For future plans, Kimishima said he aims to establish, along with Miyamoto and Takeda, “a next generation of collective leadership.” Kimishima said, “The theme will be new projects as well as nurturing talented people.”

What do you guys think, is this a good step for Nintendo? Is Kimishima the right man to lead Nintendo following Mr. Iwata? Let us know in the comments below and stay right here to New Gamer Nation as your source for all things gaming.

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