Evolution 2013 lives up to its billing once again. The extra news items filtering in just sweetens this miraculous weekend. One such piece of news coming off the heels of the release of Capcom vs SNK 2 for PSN next week is Capcom plans to update the current Super Street Fighter IV series next year in the early part of 2014. The title has thankfully been condensed to Ultra Street Fighter IV instead of something like Super Hyper Street Fighter IV: Ultimate Arcade Edition EPIC 2014 Redundant Edition.

Here’s what we know thus far featured for Ultra Street Fighter IV:

rolento poison
elena hugo

  • 5 new playable characters being Elena (SFIII), Rolento (SF Alpha), Hugo (SFIII), Poison (SFxT), and a fifth unknown Capcom touted as one completely new to any Street Fighter game
  • 6 new backgrounds
  • New modes and features
  • Unlocks ALL previous costume packs, which is a $40 value itself
  • The usual balances and tweaks to current roster
  • Another reason to keep one the best fighting games released about 5 years ago feel fresh and new

Expect to play this on Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC initially, however, no details have been said as this game’s availability for the next gen of consoles yet. There will pre-order bonus costumes deisgned by Udon for the 5 new fighters. This Ultra release will be treated much like SSFIV:AE where you can either buy the disc for 39.99 or spend 14.99 to update your current disc (excluding the original Street Fighter IV disc).

It’s not extremely surprising of the 4 announced roster editions after you think about it. All four of them have already been in use from Street Fighter x Tekken in which Capcom quickly replied they won’t be straight ports to the Ultra Street Fighter IV. On a side note, isn’t also funny to call it Ultra Street Fighter IV with Killer Instinct coming out later this year (don’t forget the insane usage of the word “Ultra” in that game); however, it’s mere coincidence because the super special moves in the SFIV games are called “Ultra Combos”.

Hmmmm, who wants to make a salty bet on Haggar rounding out the rotation to be the mysterious fifth character? Especially considering he’s already in UMVC3, he would complete the Final Fight heroes cast (where’s Sodom dammit??),……and uses a lead pipe like a boss.

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