Top 5 Games of 2012

Another year has gone by filled with countless video games; some were huge hits, others were huge flops.   There are good games, then there are memorable games.  These are my personal Top 5 video games of 2012 that have stayed in my mind as the most memorable. There are already a couple lists to check out, like Jose’s Top 5 and Ryan’s Top 5, so we’ll have to see if I agree with them or not.


Borderlands 2 Title

5)   Borderlands 2

Borderlands was a huge success, and everyone waited eagerly for the sequel: it did not disappoint in the slightest.  In fact, Borderlands 2 improved on all of the original’s flaws to present a quite exceptional game, and the witty dialog certainly didn’t hurt.  The game isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn good.  Who knew comparing the stats of two guns could be so fun?  With countless DLC’s being released, this game doesn’t seem to ever have an end.  There’s never a bad time to message a few friends to go looting around the wasteland, looking for that one weapon to just make you even a little more powerful…after comparing it with your other gun to make sure, of course.


Far Cry 3 Title

4) Far Cry 3

This game took the world by storm with its highly recognized villain Vaas.  That doesn’t mean Vaas is the only good thing in the game, though – far from it.  The open world gameplay allows you to become sidetracked for literally hours.  Whether you’re collecting plants, climbing radio towers, or raiding outposts, it’s all satisfying, because everything is useful to you and worth doing.  I realized this game was great when I was standing on a small boat with a bow and arrow trying to kill a shark (insert Jaws reference here) because I needed his skin to craft something.  All these things I mentioned are well worth getting the game for…and they are technically extra.  The gameplay itself is great, the story remarkable, and there is even a multi-player if the open world isn’t satisfying enough. The only thing this game doesn’t let you do is put C4 in a car, drive it into an enemy encampment, jump out while it’s still moving, and blow it up…it’s a bigger let down than you’d think. At the very least, everyone knows the definition of insanity now.


Lee Kicking A Thug

3) Sleeping Dogs

Every time I played any GTA, I always thought, “I wish I could just kung-fu kick someone in the face.”  Sleeping Dogs granted my wish.  A couple thugs loitering in an alleyway were just asking for a foot in their face, and I was more than happy to grant their request. The intense undercover story is a Hollywood worthy thrill-ride.  The game has an incredible cast of characters that really sucks you into the story.  Story aside, the gameplay is an absolute blast, from driving cars at death-defying speeds to dishing out crazy combos against an insane amount of enemies.  Sleeping Dogs is just downright fun and is worthy of being recognized as one of the better games of 2012.


Gameplay in Tales of Graces f

2) Tales of Graces f

Okay, I’m a JRPG fan, so this was a huge win for me. Don’t worry, it isn’t just on this list because I like JRPGs; it is completely worthy of making it in the Top 5.  Sure, it may have a few clichés, but as the game progresses, those are easily pushed aside. This game has an incredibly long story with an amazing cast of characters, and by the end of the story, you are so deeply attached to each one that you care immensely for what may happen to them.  On top of the long story, there are countless side-quests.  You will easily spend over a hundred hours on this game, and then some.  It doesn’t stop there either.  Tales of Graces f  has one of the most addicting gameplay mechanics and leveling system.  There are hundreds of arts and skills for each character to learn – which grants each player immense personalization – so everyone can play it how they want.  The interactive battles are also highly addicting, and many of them can pose quite a challenge.  If you are looking for a good JRPG to really kill some precious hours of your life, this is it.


Setting Sun in Journey

1) Journey

No one should be surprised by this.  This game is as great as everyone claims it is, and then some. This masterpiece is a great example of why video games should be considered artJourney is one of those games that just doesn’t really feel like a game at all.  With the most basic gameplay mechanics and story premise, this game still shocked the world. The haunting cello that led the majestic music – plus the incredible visuals –  really drives this game into the deepest recesses of your heart.  The lack of dialog – even when online with another player – only adds to the magical feeling this game encompasses. It may only be a couple hours long, but you are bound to play it over and over again to experience the magic every time.  thatgamecompany deserves the recognition it’s getting, and Journey is one game that needs to be experienced by everyone.  It deserves this top spot without a doubt in my mind.

And there’s my list;  got arguments? Leave them below and make your case.

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