2012 should be officially classified as ‘The Year of the Game’—we’ve seen some excellent titles being released, as new projects from independent developers and the highly-anticipated sequels from big company gaming franchises continue to be released at large midnight release parties.

In due honour of that fact, below are my Top 5 Favorite Video Game Commercials from this year. Any commercials that made me immediately head on to YouTube and watch the ad multiple times were considered.

5:  Madden 2013: Paul Rudd vs Ray Lewis

Normally, I despise Ray Lewis, as many have forgotten that he was once a murder suspect. Nonetheless, this commercial makes Number 5 on the list because it reminds me of the times I’ve played Madden with my brother, and the great fun we had rubbing our victories in each others’ faces.

4: Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 was one of my most highly-anticipated games of 2012. From the moment I started playing it at PAX East, I knew I wouldn’t be able resist picking this up on the very day of it’s release. The updated storyline and the slick use of bullet-time makes this commercial land at Number 4.

3: Black Ops 2

I won’t apologize for not being a Black Ops fan.  As my gaming friends already know, I’m one of the few COD fans who will not be purchasing this title. Still, the TV spot really hit home hard, mainly because I’ve seen that very same gaming scenario occur time and again in COD multiplayer. I can only imagine that other gamers will feel the same way.

2: Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Like most wholesome Americans, I love watching fast cars and reckless police chases—this ad has both (plus, watching a punk flip off ‘the Man’ was a nice, added touch).

1: Assassin’s Creed III

Coming through at Number 1, the commercial for Assassin’s Creed III straight-up gave me chills. Diddy — Dirty Money’s ‘Coming Home (ft. Skylar Grey)’ was a perfect song choice, accompanying a clip that showcases revolutionary gameplay and dramatic narration that really maintains the sense of impact you feel from the earlier titles in this series. It was a hard decision, but I can honestly say that this was one of the best video game commercials I’ve ever seen.

What was your favorite commercial? Can you think of a better Number 1? Be sure to leave a comment.

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  • DSB_IV

    I can’t find any fault with that list…But where was the “alcohol reference” in the Need for Speed ad? 

  • Arthouse Converter

    In New York talk, I’d like to say that the Black Ops 2 commercial was really ill and off the hook. Glad to see it made your list.