We have already reviewed Grand Theft Auto V for the PS3 and if you want to know what we thought of the game, check out our review here. This review is in response to the new PS4 / Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V and it will cover only what is different between the two versions of the game.


Grand Theft Auto V was one of the best selling games in recent memory. Not only did it smash earning records by making over a billion dollars, it cemented itself in video gaming history for being a great game. When you see how late the game came out in the life cycle of last generation systems, it only made sense to update the graphics and re-release the game on current gen systems. While much of the game is the same GTA V we all know and love, there are some pretty large additions to the game that make this the definitive edition of an already amazing game.

Let’s just address the pink elephant in the room and acknowledge the addition of first person mode. For those that have been living under a rock, first person mode allows you to switch from the default third person mode to a first person view. This doesn’t sound like a big enhancement but it literally changes the game in a number of interesting ways. With the camera always being about ten feet behind you, seeing the world through the eyes of the characters is a great experience. You pick up on lots of new details and get a more immersive feel for the game, which was already heavy on the immersion. Since we already know these characters, this mode gives you a newfound perspective on the story and it allows you to reflect on some of the finer details you may not have seen in your original playthrough. While some details have already become infamous, like the first person prostitution scenes, seeing things via the first person view makes you focus on facial reactions to your crimes which is like experiencing a new game on its own. To say this is a reason to buy and replay the game is an understatement and though millions have purchased the original game last year, this mode is worth the price of admission alone.


Of course there are more additions and improvements than just the first person mode. For example, the graphics have been slightly updated to accommodate the new consoles. The game still looked great on last gen systems, but they look slightly better now. It isn’t a night and day improvement, but it is definitely there. Returning players will also receive a ton of exclusive content in the form of costumes, encounters, races, vehicles, weapons, collectibles and even a few single player missions.As if there wasn’t enough content in the first game, there is now quite a bit more to play with and explore making this an even larger package than it ever was before.

Finally, if you enjoyed GTA online and you purchase this version of the game, your level cap will be increased allowing you to collect even more experience while playing online. The maximum number of players for a race was also increased to 30 people at one time. This allows for massive races across huge pieces of land. There are also several new maps to play on which can accommodate all these players at once. While thirty players sounds like a lot, and at times it is, with the new bigger maps, it only adds to the fun and tension of the race.


All in all, the current iteration of GTA V is definitely the best version of the game on the market today. If you’ve never played or purchased the game before, this is the version you need to buy. However, considering how well the first game sold, the question really becomes whether or not it is worth re-buying the game for the current generation of consoles. Our answer to that questions is a resounding yes. While just the first person mode makes this game worth re-buying alone, there is a ton of additional content to get through expanding the already expansive list of content to play with. No matter what you enjoyed from the first game, these experiences are only enhanced and made more fun this time around. If you haven’t already, make sure you get out there and get this version of the game, you can thank us later.

This review is based off of a review copy of the PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V developed and published by Rockstar Games 

Still Game of the Year | Grand Theft Auto V Review (PS4 Edition)
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