Warning: If you are not looking for spoilers, please click away from this article. This is designed for those that are looking for some help cracking safes in Dishonored.

The codes are listed by the combination of the safe, the mission name, and a description of where it is in the level.

The safe in Dr. Galvariso’s Office

4-5-1 Dishonored The safe in the sewers past the spot where Corvo gets his gear back. Combo is found by looking past the empty bottles on the shelf behind the safe.

2-8-7 High Overseer Campbell The safe in Dr. Galvani’s residence (Dr. Galvani’s map)

2-1-7 High Overseer Campbell The locked kennel door in the Overseer’s base (Kennel map)

2-0-3 High Overseer Campbell Barracks safe in the Overseer’s base (Backyard map) Combo is found by saving an overseer’s sister

6-9-6 House of Pleasure The safe in the artist’s residence (Artist’s Residence map) uses a different combination each time you play.

4-7-3 The Royal Physician Practchett’s safe in his house. (Drawbridge Way map). Combo is found by following a note to follow the pictures: Crowded place, shipping yard, whale processing

2-9-4 The Royal Physician The safe behind the painting in the wrecked building where the prisoner pen is outside the Sokolov estate (North End map).

9-3-5 Return to the Tower Lord Regent Hiram Burrows’ safe in his private quarters. (Dunwall Tower map).

4-2-8 Flooded District The underwater safe at the start of Central Rudshore (map with Daud’s base).

5-2-8 Flooded District The Old Port District’s sewer safe; it’s the one with the bone charm (Old District Sewers map).

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  • Tiago casimiro

    there is a place, in the game, that you can guess, or solve, a puzzle to get the codes ?

  • No the codes are somewhat given to you by completing side missions, helping people, or from find clues inside books or letters. 
    It’s easiest to just use this 🙂