Featured News, News — February 20, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Sony Giving Away Money To Local PSN Customers


Sony is continuing to butter people up right in time for their PlayStation 4 announcement. This time the butter is in the form of free money to certain PlayStation Network users. Many PSN users set twitter a fire boasting about $5 and $10 dollar credits they got to their PSN accounts for being “a loyal customer and fan of the PlayStation Network.” We’re not to sure what the criteria was in order to get the credit, but if you have a PSN account you should log in and see if you’ve met it!

This week really has been all about Sony.  Lowering the Vita price in Japan, the announcement of the PlayStation 4 happening tonight, and rewarding customers for their loyalty with free money!  Now we’ll just have to watch their live stream tonight, and see how they cap it all off!

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