Snakes…Few animals in the animal kingdom cause as much fear into both it’s prey and people as a snake. In this edition of New Gamer Nation’s Showdown, put aside your ophidiophobia and get ready for a battle, because two snakes will enter, one leaves with the title of superior snake.

Introducing first, hailing from his escape from New York, here is Snake Plissken. His opponent, from the Metal Gear series, Solid Snake.

Round 1: They have WHAT?!?!
Snake Plissken: Small microscopic explosives injected in his bloodstream which were deactivated at the end of Escape From New York, and then later injected with the Plutoxin 7 virus and the antidote in the Escape From L.A. film.
Solid Snake: Along with his advanced aging disease, he has been injected with FOXDIE, an engineered retrovirus developed by the DIA for the Pentagon. It is programmed to kill specific people by identifying the person’s DNA and their nanomachines then causing cardiac arrest.
Edge: Not saying Plissken had it any easier but he got rid of his explosives and was cured of the Plutoxin 7 virus (which is rumored only to be the common cold), but Solid Snake is destined to die…Pretty horribly too. That’s why Solid Snake wins the opening round.

Round 2: They’re played by…
Snake Plissken: Kurt Russell
Solid Snake: David Hayter
Edge: Gotta go with Snake Plissken on this one. Kurt Russell just has more star power.

Round 3: Created By…
Snake Plissken: John Carpenter
Solid Snake: Hideo Kojima
Edge: Again, with great respect to Zone of the Enders and Castlevania, John Carpenter’s work barely has the edge in this round.

Round 4: The Supporting Cast
Snake Plissken: Issac Hayes, Ernest Borgnine, and Steve Buscemi(Escape from L.A.)
Solid Snake: Otacon, Raiden, Meryl, just to name a few.
Edge: Solid Snake has this one because every fan of the series knows and loves all the characters, and Issac Hayes was an antagonist, Borgnine dies, and Buscemi betrays Plissken several times.

Round 5:Facial Hair
Snake Plissken: Slight beard/Five o’clock shadow
Solid Snake: Same slight beard/Five o’clock shadow and a mustache in Metal Gear Solid 4
Edge: Just because it’s harder to pull the mustache off Solid Snake wins this round. Not saying the beard is bad, but the mustache was a nice change of pace.

Round 6: The eye patch
Snake Plissken: Lost his left eye in an event referred to as the “Leningrad Ruse”
Solid Snake: A device known as the “Solid Eye” which enhances the vision of the person wearing it.
Edge: Otacon invented a nice piece of technology and made it look cool, but Plissken got the patch the hard way. Losing an eye is tougher than enhancing one, that’s why Plissken gets the edge.

Round 7: Who would win in a fight?
Snake Plissken: He is a former U.S. Army Lieutenant, serving under Special Forces Unit Black Flight, with two Purple Hearts, and the youngest soldier to be decorated by the U.S. President for bravery during campaigns in Leningrad and Siberia in World War III against the USSR.
Solid Snake: He a former spy, special operations soldier and mercenary. He was a product of the Les Enfants Terribles project and “son” of legendary soldier, Big Boss, along with his “brothers” Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake. Possessing an IQ of 180, he was known as “the man who makes the impossible possible” and his exploits made him into a living legend among the military black ops.
Edge: Snake Plissken. It’s almost too tough to call but I have to go with the guy that escaped New York, Los Angeles, turned off the world, and defies the United States government…WITH ONE EYE!!!

Final Score:Snake Plissken-4, Solid Snake-3
Both have military training, both will do anything to survive, both have gotten out of seemingly impossible situations, and let’s be honest, they’re both some bad men. While I give credit to the fact that Solid Snake has the intelligence, Plissken is described as a “Level 1” sociopath that will do anything to survive, and in the end Plissken gets the win because of his will to survive. <a

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