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Aiden Pierce may not be a household name to you yet, but in the next year his name, along with the name Watch Dogs, will be making your ears ring with the publicity it’s about to get. E3 this year was, of course, what E3 always is; Riveting, jaw dropping, informational and down right fun! Most of the time it comes from the consoles to make the show interesting and games to get us excited. That wasn’t the case this year as many people are saying Watch dogs was the “showstopper” of E3.

Watch dogs already has something big going for it, originality. All the “new” games coming out lately seem like their either another installment of a previous game or something that’s already out. Ubisoft Montreal producer Dominic Guay says he “feels flattered” after the reaction the game got at the Ubisoft conference at E3Watch Dogs is an open-world, action adventure, which is already appealing. Packaged with incredible graphics, lighting, insane action sequences and perfect character visualizations the game has plenty of mass appeal even multiplayer. Guay said “We definitely want to blend in multiplayer online and single player in ways that haven’t been done before.” To sweeten the pot, you not only get to play an amazing game with all these stunning features, but you possible get to enjoy it with friends!

You’re Aiden Pierce, in a world where technology runs the world. With people able to hack anything (look at the PSN,) the world of technology can be a scary place. Aiden has had people around him hurt and decides to take matters into his own hands. Instead of using guns and fists, he uses the city as his weapon of choice. Coming from rough streets of Chicago, Aiden isn’t afraid to take a stand for what he believes in! Aiden uses technology to hack into the city to acquire secrets to help him achieve his goals. Cell phones, computers, cars, lights, TVs, cameras… nothing is safe from him, and the fact that he can control everything makes the game play different every time you play.

Guay mentioned in an interview ” In my city the traffic lights are managed in Montreal by a computer and at rush hour they change the cycles” explaining that there are lots of real factors in the game. He goes on to say, “police officers can tap into the system and turn the lights green when the need to go fast.” He states that they researched things like this on Youtube to see if they were real. The scary part is it’s true, police can do it which begs the to question could all this actually happen?

The Ubisoft development team worked hard on this title, putting two years into this game. With a release date set for next year for multiple platforms, Watch Dogs is most going to be a name you come to hear a lot this year!

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