What is the point of launching a brand new product without some new killer content? Well, if you haven’t heard, Apple has just released the new iPad for the scores of iOS fanatics.  Apple has also indicated that they want to take over as the leading software developer for mobile gaming.  To help them accomplish this goal, both Apple and Namco have announced a new aerial combat game titled Sky Gamblers.

Sky Gamblers will be a “console-quality” game for the new iPad because it utilizes the device’s new retna enhanced display along with its high powered processor.  The chip set will allow the game to feature 3D fighter jets as well as a highly detailed background.   This high-flying, action-packed game is sure to ascend to the top of the  “top downloads” on its launch.  Can this game help the New iPad outsell the Vita or the Nintendo 3DS?

Finally, and personally, I cannot be the only Ace Combat fan out there, can I?  I know that I am looking forward to this game, but what about you?  Be sure to take a look at this YouTube video and leave us a comment telling us what you think below!

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