Robot Entertainment is bringing us more orcs to kill, and new traps to kill them with. The sequel to the popular indie-game Orcs Must Die! is coming soon to a PC near you.

Orcs Must Die! brought us a new way of looking at the “Tower Defense” genre. With Orcs Must Die! the player is brought down to the ground in the third person view, something not seen before in the genre. Tower Defense games have been on the rise lately with titles like Defense Grid: The Awakening and Savage Moon seeing strong sales figures.

Orcs Must Die! 2 promises more traps and more orcs, as well as, a brand new co-op mode. The developers have heard their fans, and they have answered. Introducing co-op into Orcs Must Die! 2 will add a whole new dimension to this title.

The player will take control over the character known as the apprentice. The apprentice is a war mage charged with the task of defending the rifts that are causing the portal to the human world to open.

The addition of a new class, the Sorceress, will be able to lure orcs to their deaths using mind control and magic. The new game will feature a new campaign and, of course, new monsters to destroy with new defenses, traps, and magical trinkets. The system to upgrade your fortress defenses has been redesigned, making it easier to spend skulls and tailor your armory to your personal play style.

No release date has been announced, but you will be able to smash orcs with a friend sometime this summer. Until then if you haven’t already got your hands on the copy of Orcs Must Die! I highly recommend you do so, since the players who own the original Orcs Must Die! on PC will get access to exclusive content in Orcs Must Die! 2.

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