One just needs to look at the catch phrase of Arkane studios and the famous Bethesda studios to know what their new game dishonored is all about. The phrase is three simple words and is even trademarked – revenge solves everything. Violence and murder are often the first words that come to mind when speaking of this phrase. For dishonored, this seems true, but maybe one word that could describe more accurately what this game looks to be about is possibilities.

To kill or not to kill? Sneak in through the rooftop window? Go guns blazing through the front door? Possess a rat? These questions seem to make up the general experiences that a player will have with this game. You play as the once bodyguard of the Empress who is framed for her murder. While incarcerated, you meet an unknown man who helps you escape by giving you super human powers. Upon escape, your revenge and hunt for the real murderer begins.

The game takes place in the city of Dunwall. A city that is not of this world, yet one that draws inspiration from London of the industrial revolution era. One thing is apparent when looking at this city – it is in trouble. There is a plague sweeping through Dunwall and the divide between the rich, poor, and sick is evident. The plague is a key component of this game. Guards patrol the afflicted areas and contain or kill those infected, keeping them away from the rich and unaffected areas of the city. The plague, as it was during the real dark ages, is carried by rats. Rats are everywhere you go and you have the ability to posses them. Possessing them allows you to sneak into small areas that would not normally be possible. You are also able to call rats to attack your enemies, as another example.

The possession of rats is only one of your powers. Possession is possible in humans, as well, even your targets. Lets say that your target is surrounding by a group of guards in a room; you don’t want to risk discovery and you don’t want to kill or possibly be killed, so you posses your target, walk him out to the balcony and remove your possession (you appear beside your former possession). The target will be disoriented and now alone on the balcony, an easy kill. Powers also include, but are not at all limited to, teleporting to get a tactical advantage and slowing down time to sneak past a target or kill multiple targets at once.

Dishonored is a first person assassination game that has RPG elements and a Deus-ex look. Like many RPG games, the choices that you make effect your world, the story and your character. Many mission have different outcomes available to you. Before you tackle a mission, there may have been the possibility of completing a side mission before hand that would have created a different outcome. Coming out in October, this game looks to be for anybody interested in open world action games, the now norm of the video game world.

Go guns blazing or sneak in through the roof. Possess a fish and swim up through the sewer system. Kill or don’t. Make a variety of choices and play your way, but get your revenge.

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