Yo yo yo!  In this sultry edition of the NGN n00bcast we run train on a trunk-load of topics.  Starting June, Nintendo c-blocks online Wii services and EA puts the F in “F That” for Facebook gaming. Done. Wanna hear about the future of Skyrim? Bam! Square-Enix shows off a teaser trailer featuring Final Fantasy VI Magitek Armors and dayumm it looks good!!  And we go H.A.A.M. over the new Injustice: Gods Among Us and Microsoft XBOX 720 leaks.  Fix your face, fool.

Hey, unlike the new Naruto game, we earn higher ratings than a zero! (It was an honest mistake, party peoples)

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Show Notes

Intro/Outro: DJ Cutman  (Please check his site to listen and purchase the awesome music here)

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