In Borderland 2 you’ll come across your fair share of vicious bugs, like varkids or spiderants, but those bugs aren’t near as nasty and unforgiving as the reset bug recently discovered in the game.

Unfortunately, certain players across all systems have fallen victim to a glitch that not only resets your badass rank to zero, but also takes away any skins and/or upgrades you may have bought with your badass tokens.  As if that’s not bad enough, you also won’t be able to regain your original rank or the tokens you earned as any challenges you may have completed to increase your rank and to get those tokens will remain completed.

For those of you who haven’t played Borderlands 2 yet, badass rank is a ranking system that is separated from the game’s leveling system.  As you complete challenges, specified in the challenges list, you increase your badass rank.  As your badass rank increases you earn coins called badass tokens.  A player can then use these tokens to either improve the stats of all their characters or buy new skins for their characters.  The best part about the badass ranking system is that the challenges you’ve completed won’t carry over to another character, this means that you can make your badass rank really high by completing challenges with all four characters.

If you watch this video RyogaWanderer (another victim of the reset bug) will show you how the bug can be activated and how it affected his game.

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