Bethesda has released information on their next add-on for Skyrim titled, “Hearthfire”.

Unlike the previous combat and story focused DLC, Dawnguard; Hearthfire will not make any major changes in terms of combat but instead will give players new features, in that they will now be able to purchase land and build their own houses. Players will be given the option to customize their houses from a simple one story house to larger ones that

can house libraries, armories, alchemy laboratories, gardens and stables. Much like the blacksmithing system that allowed players to forge weapons and armor; new tools such as the drafting table or carpenter's workbench will provide players the ability to create structures and furniture from quarried stone, clay or logs. A new interesting feature given to players will be the ability of adoption, players will be able to adopt children and take care of them while they live in players houses.

Hearthfire will be released on Xbox Live on September 4th for 400 Microsoft Points. Much like Dawnguard, PC and Playstation 3 releases soon after.


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