Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft is looking to cut the price of their Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle even further, making the price of the bundle, the cheapest console available. However, there is a catch involved. Users purchasing the $99 Xbox 360 with Kinect would be required to commit to the Xbox Live Gold Membership tier for two years at $15 dollars a month.

The price of this bundle does seem off considering that all the products retail separately for $420 dollars US, however, with this deal the gamer would payout $460 over the lifetime of the subscription. The Xbox 360 is due for a price drop soon and the timing of such a drop would make sense.

Would you beĀ interestedĀ in a deal like this or do you feel the price is too high? Sound off below and stay tuned to NGN for confirmation of this rumor.

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