Sega announced that the old school classic Jet Set Radio would receive an HD remake and become available this summer.  Many people are looking forward to this game with updated visuals and almost the entire original soundtrack.  Well, summer's almost over and just when we were all losing hope, Sega finally officially announced the release date and pricing for the highly anticipated remake.  The game will cost 10$ and has been pushed back to be released in September but not all at once.  Playstation Plus owners will be able to purchase the game first on September 11th while those not paying for Plus will have to wait a week until the 18th to download it.  The next day, on the 19th, it will be available for Xbox and move to Steam.  Then the most depressing news, the PS Vita version will not be available until October 16th, but hey, at least it's still coming to the Vita.  


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