Imagine if this were the opening credits?

At Metal Gear Solid's 25th year anniversary, Hideo Kojima announced an open world Solid Snake video game in addition to a Metal Gear Solid movie! According to G4TV:

“The adaptation will grow out of a partnership between Kojima Productions and Columbia Pictures, with Avi Arad producing. Arad is a well-known figure in the world of Hollywood blockbusters, having filled a producer role on nearly every Marvel Comics movie and TV series released since 1994 (as well as the Double Dragon movie!!). He's also got a hand in the upcoming Uncharted movie and the upcoming Pac-Man TV series.”

Double Dragon movie and Pac-Man TV series. Yay. Go Avi Arad and Metal Gear So

lid. How can this go wrong?

Yeah the one with the T-1000, not being the T-1000

Adam Rosenberg continues:

“Kojima apparently expressed a desire to bring names like Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck on board, though he should probably leave those negotiations to guys like Arad. Casting will likely have to wait until there's a script and a director signed on.”

Christopher Nolan would be an interesting choice as he has shown interest in doing a James Bond film before, so spies would not be out of the question. Effects such as those in Inception could be very intriguing to see a Metal Gear Solid movie.

Also, Hugh Jackman beard + Matt Damon spy moves= Awesome film.

Side note, is David Hayter, voice actor for Solid Snake, is also a well known screenwriter, writing for films such as X-2 and rewrites such as the Scorpion King and Watchmen. He also did stunts as the main character in the cult classic film Guyver: Dark Hero. Imagine if he were involved.


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