According to

“Scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, who were the architects of Disney's National Treasure franchise (and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle), have been tapped to rewrite Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for Sony Pictures, Atlas Entertainment and Arad Prods.

Neil Burger (Limitless) is no longer attached to direct the big-budget adaptation of Sony PlayStation's blockbuster Uncharted videogame franchise, developed by Naughty Dog. Project will wait

until the Wibberleys complete their script to tap a new helmer.”

As an arthouse critic, the Neil Burger news does not affect me much, even though he directed decent action in Limitless. However, the Wibberly news might be an issue for movie critics, such as James Berardinelli who, well, criticized the National Treasure script for historical logic holes.  I personally find the film quite entertaining if you forget those holes and fascinatingly amusing if you figure out those holes. It is a shame the franchise will not have the same praise in movies as it does games, unless changes are made.


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