Gamescom is just right around the corner, and already, Capcom has announced a brand new IP in development entitled “Remember Me“. If anyone's played last years Deus Ex: Human Revolution, this will look very similar, it blends both a Cyber-punk style with a 3rd person action game.

In Remember Me, players will be thrust into the role of Ni

lin; a memory hunter who essentially steals the memories of her targets to either alter or delete them. The story focuses on herself suffering from having her own memories deleted, the players will see her journey as she searches for the answers to why and who was the cause of her memory loss. The trailer showcases the futuristic setting of Neo Paris in the year 2084, the majority of the trailer shows cinematic's with a few scenes of 3rd person melee combat.

DONTNOD, a french developer is currently working on the game and is tagged for a May 2013 release. It will most likely be a current generation game as it will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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