Remastered ports are a relatively new phenomena but it is easy to see why they are so popular.  All you have to do is take a couple of games that people loved from the previous generation, clean up the graphics and make a collection out of them.  Personally I think it is a great way to relive some of our most loved games without having to worry about breaking out your old CRT and plugging in the PS2.  Let’s get into our top 5 collections available right now.

5. Resident Evil 1,2 and 3 – This isn’t a retail collection yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out sometime in the future.  Resident Evil put Capcom on the map and is often ranked as one of the scariest games in its generation.  Capcom finally released the first 3 games in HD for download on the PSN and they are due to come up on the PS+ program for free soon.  These games look great in HD and they play much like they did back when they came out.  Resident Evil seems to show its age more than the other titles but still a worth while investment for any fan of the series.

4. Tomb Raider Collection – The Tomb Raider series is obviously one of the most recognizable video game franchises out there.  That tends to happen when you get Angelina Jolie to play your main character.  Despite that fact the games on this collection were excellent and even included a PS3 released game.  Unfortunately that PS3 release wasn’t great but the earlier titles certainly helped to bolster this title up where it belongs.  Lara Croft never looked as good as she did in this collection and this title should be part of your collection today.

3. Prince of Persia Collection – Definitely one of the most loved franchises out there but what made this collection special to begin with was the ability to play Sands of Time in HD.  Truly one of the best titles on the PS2 now ready for you to play on the PS3.  Fortunately the HD was done well and the games played just as well and they added 3D support which made this a bargain at the $40 price point.  This is a great collection and it is worth purchasing and reliving the experience any day.

2. God of War Collection – This collection contained two of the biggest games on the Playstation 2 and juggernauts in their own right, God of War and God of War 2.  This was not only the inaugural launch for this new type of release but it is one of the best.  These two games played like a dream and with the ability to see Kratos in HD, for the first time, the game was a must own.  God of War showed its age and even despite a face lift, the game looked blocky but God of War 2 really came into its own and showed up the potential of the game.  There is a reason this game went “Greatest Hits” and if you haven’t played this, it’s time.

1. Sly Cooper Collection – This series is a Playstation 2 classic and it is the remastering is the best looking out of any collection I’ve seen.  Even the first game looks great with super smooth animation and graphics.  I believe that this collection was one of the reasons that Playstation acquired Sucker Punch.  The attention to detail was superb and with the extra features included, there is no reason not to pick this up and play it a lot.  It seems like most people did just that.

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