Few can deny the impact that Grand Theft Auto has had on video games throughout the duration of the franchise.  With its gritty in your face violence and the ability to do anything you want, opened gamers up to the possibilities of where games can go.  Now with the recent announcement of GTA V it is more important now, than ever, that Rockstar nail this title.  Some saw GTA IV as a departure from Vice City and San Andreas but they now have an opportunity to make the game GTA fans always wanted and here is our little wish list for you to enjoy.

5. Reduce Freezing and Graphical Lockups – Sure GTA IV was released early on in the current gen and you can forgive the hiccups it had.  This time around I expect a clean, glitch free game!  I know there was more than once or twice where I got a lockup at the wrong time making me repeat the mission and loosing all my progress from the last save.  I don’t mind the occasional glitch out but when I have to start replaying things I’ve already accomplished, I’m not a happy camper.

4. Add Co-op – Sure it’s fun dealing out some damage on your own but having the ability to bring in a friend and double down on the action is twice as fun.  I am not a huge multiplayer person myself but if anything is going to convince me to convert, it would be a GTA V Co-op.  I would change my stance on this if it were you couldn’t play the game with out it, but something optional would fit the bill nicely.  I would also get rid of the old multiplayer mode altogether.  I found those modes to get pretty boring pretty quickly especially when compared to other 3rd person shooter multiplayer modes.

3. Improve the Driving – I know GTA is an open world game but part of the fun is stealing a car and zipping around the city.  GTA IV had driving but the racing mechanics were stiff and unresponsive.  If only Rockstar made the cars handle better, I know the game would have been better overall.  This was also one of the big complaints from the GTA III games and GTA IV so I say it is time to address those concerns and make this a better driving game.

2. Get rid of the social meters introduced in GTA IV – I personally hated how you would have to take girls on a date or hang out with your friends.  If I wanted to play a life simulation I would go outside and enjoy my actual life or at the very least play something else.  I say they stick to what they do best and give us a game that forgets about the monotony of the social interactions and gives us lots of action.  I guarantee the best moments of GTA IV didn’t revolve around beating your friend in darts but rather had something to do with the insane jump off a 30 story building.

1. More tools for Mayhem – Let’s face it, the story in GTA is good but where the real fun is, is getting your hands on some serious hardware.  Who didn’t try to steal a tank in GTA III?  I know that was the highlight of my game and I am sure it was the highlight of the scores of other gamers out there.  It felt great to get that tank into your garage so you can take out the city at your every whim.  Imagine if the game wasn’t limited to just a tank but included a fighter jet, an Apache helicopter, A howitzer or some other piece of military hardware made for maximum carnage.  I say the more gun the more fun.

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