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Zynga has been going through all sorts of restructuring, closing down branch studios, and such, but members of  the Ex-Zynga Boston branch are up to something else. The original founding members have officially announced today that they have opened up shop and give some details on an upcoming iOS game.

The new company, Proletariat Inc. is composed of five senior members of the Zynga Bostom team and have experience working on all sorts of stuff including Guitar Hero, Lord of the Rings Online, and Indiana Jones Adventure World.

We have all known each other and worked with one another for so long that we’ve developed an organic way of making games together. We all want to make successful games, both creatively and as a business. This team has been on both sides and knows how to find that balance.

Seth Sivak, CEO – Proletariat Inc.

Their new game, Letter Rush, will be the first game for Proletariat Inc. and will be available for iPhone and iPad next week. The game puts a new twist on the classic word-find mechanic and is available as a single player or multiplayer (local) game.

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