Disc Jam has shot up to the top of my most anticipated games list. Fans of the Neo Geo classic Windjammers will immediately recognize the concept, throw the disc and score. However Disc Jam is more than just a spiritual successor to Windjammers. Sporting a vibrant coat of paint, Disc Jam supports up to 4 players to test their reflexes against each other. For a four button game Disc Jam is incredibly deep, yet easily accessible. Those unfamiliar with the format will be able to pick up the game and have a great time, while pros will be utilizing tons of mind games and strategies to pick up a win.

It was described to me as “a blend of Windjammers, Mario Tennis, and NBA Jam“. All of which I agree with, but Disc Jam has a fast and frantic past that seems to be unmatched. With the added degree of characters and customizations the guys over at High Horse Entertainment have something special on their hands.

Check out our interview with High Horse Entertainment below*

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