Okay achievement hunters, this one is for you. Today, the full list of Xbox One achievements for Dead Rising 3 hit the web, so if you want to see what you are up against, check out the list below. However, be careful since there are a number of spoilers in the list. Proceed at your own risk!

Planner – 15G
Collect 5 blueprints.

Journeyman – 20G
Collect 25 blueprints.

Collector – 5G
Pick up 250 different weapons.

Fashion Plate – 5G
Collect 100 different clothing items.

Engineer – 25G
Collect 50 blueprints.

T.I.O.D. Disciple – 5G
Create 50 combo weapons.

Local Hero – 5G
Save 1 survivor.

Man of the People – 10G
Save 15 stranded survivors.

Help Wanted – 10G
Add 5 survivors the survivor bulletin board.

Driven – 5G
Drive 20 different vehicles.

Sideswiped – 10G
Complete 20 side missions.

Master Builder – 30G
Collect 100 blueprints.

Certified Survivalist – 5G
Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.

Zombie Killer – 5G
Kill 100 zombies.

Zombie Slayer – 15G
Kill 10,000 zombies.

Master of Massacre – 20G
Kill 53,597 zombies.

Zombie Butcher – 10G
Kill 1,000 zombies.

Morgue-ified – 10G
Complete Chapter 2.

Happy Camper – 20G
Complete Chapter 4.

Wrathful – 25G
Defeat Zhi.

Lusty – 25G
Defeat Dylan.

Greedy – 25G
Defeat Albert.

Slothful – 25G
Defeat Theodore.

Prideful – 25G
Defeat Jherii.

Gluttonous – 25G
Defeat Darlene.

Envious – 25G
Defeat the envious survivor.

Apprentice – 5G
Reach level 5.

Expert – 15G
Reach level 25.

Maxed! – 50G
Reach level 50.

Specialist – 50G
Max out a single attribute.

Be a Dick!- 5G
Join a Co-op game.

Duct Tape Master – 20G
Create every combo weapon.

Customizer – 5G
Create 5 combo vehicles.

Master Mechanic – 10G
Create every combo vehicle.

A Little Ambition – 5G
Purchase 1 Attribute.

Ladder Climber – 10G
Purchase 10 Attributes.

Left 100,004 Dead – 30G
Kill 100,004 zombies.

Prestigious – 10G
Complete 10 PP Trials.

Almost Famous – 25G
Complete 25 PP Trials.

Prestige Hound – 50G
Complete all PP Trials.

Genius of Zombie Slaying – 25G
Kill 72,000 zombies.

Starter – 10G
Complete Chapter 0.

Quarantined – 10G
Complete Chapter 1.

Family Man – 20G
Complete Chapter 3.

Day at the Museum – 20G
Complete Chapter 5.

The Doctor is Out – 30G
Complete Chapter 6.

Them’s the Facts – 30G
Complete the Facts.

Complete the Package – 50G
Complete Overtime.

Gang Banger – 5G
Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.

Nightmare Master – 75G
Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

Survival Training Silver – 10G
Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.

Survival Training Master – 20G
Win Survival Training Gold medals.

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