Let’s face facts, virtual reality is going to happen eventually. Even if it isn’t that great at first, technology will advance enough where it will someday become the norm to have it. It could still be a phase like motion controls, but then again, motion controls did make Nintendo a powerhouse with the Wii. I don’t think we are quite there yet, but I do think some games would excel on VR to really show the possibilities of what it can achieve. So – in no particular order – these are the 5 games I would love to play in VR.


1. Silent Hills / Atmospheric Horror

With Kojima leaving Konami and PT taken off the PSN store people are obviously upset. I don’t actually think I’ll ever get to play Silent Hills (and even if I could, I doubt I would), but I think PT showed the perfect setup for what VR should be used for. It seemed the primary gameplay is walking down a hallway and examining objects. It’s all about the atmosphere. Currently we have to turn the lights off and put on headphones. With VR we can really be in the game like never before. The game seemed to have mostly slow exploring, and that would work perfectly with the VR controls. An exploration horror like this would be perfect, the only problem would be getting people to actually play it.

no man's sky

2. No Man’s Sky

Let’s face it, this game looks awesome, if not a little abstract. You get to explore planets in a near-infinite universe, but what else do you do? Some crafting supposedly, and there may be hostile planets. This really sounds like a game where you mostly walk around and see the sights. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Once again, it’s all about atmosphere. Clearly VR will capture that atmosphere better than anything else. I can see myself strapping on whatever VR helmet I have and taking a lovely stroll on some planet. It would be the ultimate exploring experience, and besides, imagine what space would look like.

war thunder

3. War Thunder / Air Simulator

Going off that, while not space exactly, I think any type of flying simulator would be great. The feeling of sitting in an actual cockpit would make all the dog fights far more intense. This may be too disorienting for some, but other’s will undoubtedly love it. Whenever I play a flying simulator I always take the cockpit view. It makes it more intense and enjoyable for me. If I could actually sit in a cockpit and be able to look around, I would never stop playing (same principle applied to racing games).

time crisis

4. Time Crisis

I use to love Time Crisis and frankly, gun gear with video games didn’t exactly take off. Just like with the limited movement, you could focus on shooting. This doesn’t have to specifically be Time Crisis, but a pop-up shooter or even a deer hunter game would do well. Something that you can focus on where you’re looking and not where you’re walking. Or who knows, maybe you set it up so you play from behind a couch and you actually have to duck under it to dodge bullets. Besides the fact someone will undoubtedly get pretty hurt, it sounds like a lot of fun to me.


5. Hearthstone

Maybe I watched too much Yu-Gi-Oh when I was a kid but there would be something amazing about strapping on the headgear and playing in a virtual world with real creatures. You play a card and it comes to life in front of you. The battles have quick, but cool animations to go with every action. It may be my nerdiness coming out, but this would be so much fun to play. If not hearthstone, maybe Pokemon Stadium? You see my point. Battling in that world instead of staring at a screen would be super immersive without dealing with cumbersome controls.

Those are just some of the games I want to play in VR and games I think would do really well in VR. Hopefully I don’t have to wait to long to be able to get my chance. I’m sure there are plenty of other games people want to play, let me know in the comments below what games you would love to play in VR.

About The Author

Neil has had a passion for video games ever since the Atari entered his life so many years ago. He's been writing about them for over two years and sees no end in sight. Reach out to him on twitter @nconnors13