No Alien Isolation for Wii U

Recently Sega announced that they have no plans to release Creative Assembly’s up and coming survival horror game, Alien Isolation, on the Wii U.

A controversial decision, but one that also seems to be a growing trend this console generation. While the Wii U certainly could be doing better in the sales department, the consoles current install base of over 10 million units is nothing to be snuffed at. However, the Wii U being arguably under powered when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, was likely a deciding factor in Sega’s decision to skip over the Wii U.

While it is a shame that we won’t be seeing what cool new features could have been implemented with the Wii U’s game pad, the fact that Alien Isolation is a next gen only title, means that Creative Assembly have free reign to spread their elbows and really tap into the power of the PS4 and Xbox One, hopefully providing gamers with a true next gen experience to sink their teeth into.

Alien Isolation

Sega really can’t afford another Alien disaster if they want to keep hold of the Aliens license.

It’s also worth remembering that Sega were responsible for publishing Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines early last year, the game was a huge disappointment and was critically panned by both critics and gamers alike. So, with such bitter memories still fresh in the minds of fans of the franchise, it’s understandable for many to be sceptical of another Alien game being published by Sega.

Sega really need to nail this one in order to avoid another press disaster, so keeping Alien Isolation next gen does well to separate last gen’s games with this gen. Although, whether or not Creative Assembly can provide players with an Alien game that will do the source material justice is anybodies guess, a survival horror video game set in the Alien universe is intriguing to say the least.



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  • Craig

    10 million or 100 million?

    • Daniel

      That’s supposed to read 10 million units, must have been a typo.