We all love super heroes, whether it is the old school classics like Batman or Superman or some of the more modern favorites like Guardians of the Galaxy. New Hero Nation is the story of two friends who love super heroes and decided to see every super hero movie ever made. That is a lot of movies, but someone has to watch them. Follow our journey as we see all the movies we can and talk about them from a fan’s perspective.

This episode we take a look at the Punisher originally released in 2003. This movie is a reboot of the Punisher franchise and brings the beloved character back into the limelight. Does this movie hold up or was it all hype and no delivery? Listen on to find out.

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  • DSB_IV

    Harry Heck’s song still sticks with me. Did you guys get a chance to see the Dirty Laundry short done on Youtube with Thomas Jane where he unofficially reprises his role as the Punisher?

    • Joe Marchese

      unfortunately not, but I will definitely have to check it out.