New details have been revealed about the upcoming Hitman game and things are starting to clear up. First off Hitman will be released on March 11th of next year. Now this is where things get a bit confusing. There will be two versions of Hitman available at launch, the”full experience” will be $59.99 at launch and will include all of what’s available at launch and any post launch content.

“For that price, you’ll get everything – all the content we’re planning on releasing, access to all live events and a secured spot in the HITMAN Beta, which will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC only. No additional costs at any time.”

This is different from the “intro pack” which will retail for $35 and will only includes the content released in March.

“The “HITMAN Intro Pack” will also be available on March 11 2016, and will be priced at $34.99 (or regional equivalent). It includes all of the launch content, plus all Live Events and Contracts for the locations released in March 2016. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Those who want to dive deeper into the Hitman experience can upgrade from the “intro pack” for $30. Essentially buying a season pass deal. They have also released a handy image which you can find here.

This Hitman situation has a lot going on and seems to only get more complicated as time goes on. Hopefully this won’t have a negative effect on the game and we see a Hitman that returns to its roots. Confused by this entire situation? Let us know in the comments.

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