Grand Theft Auto Online is getting a huge update with heists tomorrow, but for some players the patch has already appeared on their consoles, Gameranx reports.

The massive update is 1.2 GB on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and 4.8 GB on the Xbox One (and presumably similar on the Playstation 4). Besides adding the single-player mode’s heist missions, the update adds new vehicles, achievements,clothing items, and more.

Also included are multiple unlockable Adversary Modes. These are creative PvP modes that include such classics as cyclists versus truckers and a shotgun siege mode. Daily objectives are also going to be added, giving players a “rotating series of challenges” they can complete for cash and reputation.

Heists in GTAO will be similar to their single-player counterparts, with each job featuring multiple set-up missions, co-operative gameplay, and role-based strategy. The leader of the heist will have to front the money for the operation, but has control over assigning roles and divvying out the score after all the criminal activity is over.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will also be coming to the PC on April 14th, with the online component and heists both working on day one.

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