For Honor’s development team has given details about the game’s DLC plans and what comes with the season pass. The season pass will set you back $40 which will get you six new heroes and maps. It also includes “elite” outfits for the six DLC heroes, as well as a Day One War Pack. This includes a “sunbeam” effect for hero emotes, three emblem outlines, three scavenger crates that can be used to unlock extra gear, and 30-day “Champion Status.” This gives the player extra XP for crafting, more loot at the end of matches, and the ability to provide XP boosts to friends.

Each of the six heroes and maps will launch two at a time with each new “Faction War” season every three months along with extra items. For those that bought the season pass, players will be granted early access to the DLC a week prior to those that didn’t buy the season pass. You can check out more details by watching the trailer below.

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