pandoras tower

The first story trailer for the highly anticipated action RPG, Pandora’s Tower, has been released courtesy of XSEED Games. Developed in Japan by Ganbarion, Pandoa’s Tower pays puts a little twist on the classic RPG story of a maiden being in distress. The protagonist sets out on a quest to destroy over a dozen giant monsters and collect their flesh in order to free said fair maiden from an evil curse.

The trailer introduces players to Elena, an unassuming singer who succumbs to a wretched curse during a festival performance, Mavda, a mysterious merchant who reveals the fleshy cure to the curse, and Aeron, a young ex-soldier whose heart has forever been pledged to Elena. Aeron must now embark on a daunting journey to retrieve the flesh of twelve “masters” and free Elena of her curse.

To make matters worse, the clock is ticking! The longer Aeron takes to vanquish each beast, the less human Elena becomes, affecting her character and the game’s final outcome in a profound manner. Time is of the essence…

Pandora’s Tower is due out in April 2013 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

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