Make sure you watch the official PlayStation Feed and talk with us in the comments section. We’ll be here along with you talking about the games and announcements. We hope you’ll join us on this page for the festivities.

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  • 5 min!

  • I am ready and waiting! Can’t wait to see if I am right or not.

  • Wow, dramatic intro. 

  •  Just the teaser so far, it is looking like this is definitely the PS4 conference if it wasn’t painfully obvious already

  • Oh no! He used that dirty four letter word… Vita

  •  Its officially called the PlayStation 4

  • DualShock 4! Siiick 

  • Ha! The Share button does exist on the DS4

  • Lawson Douvier

    8 GB of memory? Jesus, that’s solid.

  • Knack, is that really a game?

  • native live streaming…. called it.

    •  Its pretty awesome, you better have a great internet connection for this.

      • I will be shocked if it streams any better than 480p @ 30 fps

  • Lawson Douvier

    I am horribly excited right now. That suspend/resume button is a stroke of genius. Social, I can give or take, but it’s still a nice idea.

  • Did the feed just crash? 

    •  Its still on, the quality changes a lot but otherwise it works.

  • Lawson Douvier

    Don’t know if I like the whole “letting someone else take over your game” thing. 

  • I hate the gaming help features, it takes the challenge out of games

  • Playstation Vita compatible, nice.

  • No backwards compatibility 🙁 

  • Lawson Douvier

    So it’s not backwards compatible? At least, for now?

  • Rob

    Come on Vita price drop!

  • Killzone 4. Boom! Nothing unexpected so far.

  • Rob

    A lot of possibilities with the social aspect

  • Driveclub, a new team based racer

  • Whew no claps for Killzone… tough crowd!  Honestly as someone who’s had a PS3 for years and barley played it… I’m getting pretty hype for this PS4!

    •  Honestly, the game looked amazing. I have no idea why no one clapped.

      • The ambient sound from the auditorium was being picked up the presenters lapel microphone. The feed from the mic wasn’t streaming when the cameras cut back to the auditorium. I’m sure everyone was clapping… 

    • Lawson Douvier

      Yeah, that was just uncomfortable.

  • Lawson Douvier

    Pretty much, they just need to announce a price and date, so I can start convincing my wife that I HAVE to have one, or I’ll have an aneurysm. 

  • Feeling a little underwhelmed so far. Don’t know if I’ll get one yet. The feed keeps crashing for me, too. 🙁 But I really want to try out that new controller!

  • Lawson Douvier

    InFamous Second Son…sounds and looks pretty interesting.

  • Also I gotta say I’m really impressed with all these graphics so far.  I mean I know it’s nothing new for PC gamers, but it’s refreshing to see on a soon to be console.

  • Lawson Douvier

    That is a creepy old man, but that is extremely realistic.

  • Beyond: Two Souls is a PS4 game.

  • Lawson Douvier

    That was incredible. I’m still not sure if it was a game, though.

  • Lawson Douvier

    Come on, Square. Just give us a new Final Fantasy, Chrono, or console Kingdom Hearts. That’s what the people want!

  • Rob

    I like the emphasis on the social aspect. Looming sense that the big guns and sequels will be shown

  • Lawson Douvier

    Awww…no Final Fantasy details?

  • Holy crap! Watch Dogs is a PS4 title? Ubi demoed a ps4 game at E3 last year? Nice…

  • Lawson Douvier

    Diablo 3? Never would’ve guessed.

  • My brain is melting… Bungie developing for PS4?

  • Lawson Douvier

    Holiday 2013. That’s all I needed to hear. Merry Christmas to me!