killer is dead

Publisher XSEED Games has just released a new batch of goodies for the upcoming jointly developed Kadowaka and Grasshopper Manufacture game Killer is Dead.

The motivations of the game’s protagonist, Mondo Zappa, as well as his employer, a mysterious information trafficker known as Bryan, are explored in this all-new trailer, which opens with a toast to the executioners. The Earth is revealed to be in peril, and Mondo hints at the enigmatic ‘darkness’ with which he is in constant struggle to control in his life as an executioner – a power he must utilize yet at the same time not allow to consume him. Several areas of the game and new in-game enemies are also revealed for the first time in the trailer, which can be downloaded from the FTP provided below.

XSEED Games will be publishing Killer is Dead in North America in the summer 2013, but for Europe and Oceania, expect Deep Silver to be handling the distribution. Check out the trailer and screenshots below and let us know what you think.

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