THQ’s earnings report yesterday stated that the company stock has fallen nearly 50%. THQ stock is currently down to $1.57 per share, compared to over $3 when the market closed yesterday, marking a decline of 48%.

In its earnings report, THQ delayed three of its upcoming games, stating that the delays will have “financial implications.” In a statement, THQ said that it “will likely need to raise additional capital, and may need to defer and/or curtail currently planned expenditures, cancel projects currently in development, sell assets, and/or pursue additional funding or additional external sources of liquidity, which may not be available on financially attractive terms.” For now, the company has partnered with brokerage firm Centerview Partners to evaluate “strategic and financing alternatives” for its future.

Hopefully, they can get it together soon, so we don’t lose out on the amazing games that they are currently developing.

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