Featured News, News — October 1, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Third Total War: Rome 2 Patch Released


Today, Sega and the Creative Assembly have announced that the third Total War: Rome 2 patch has gone live. This new patch is automatically applied to the game client upon restarting and it includes over 140 technical, gameplay, balancing and usability improvements. Check out the quote for specifics or if you want to read the full patch notes, go here.

Technical optimizations include Campaign performance improvements on some hardware configurations, fixes for UI flickering in SLI setups, and a significant multiplayer campaign-speed boost. There are many new gameplay improvements, such as alterations to the victory point system, and chiefly a reduction in the circumstances in which victory points appear in battles. For example, when the player is attacked while occupying a minor settlement (though not a provincial capital), a new Sally Forth button is available on the pre-battle panel, which enables the player’s army to fight the attackers in an open field battle without victory points.
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