Sydney Finkelstein of Darmouth College has written 11 books on why businesses fail. Should he actually be voted in for worst author of 2012 is up to you. However, one may look at his list and say, “Ah ha! This guy knows what he is talking about!”

On the list at #1, is Brian Dunn of Best Buy. (Is that why I am buying so much merchandise from the store all of a sudden?)  He also apparently had some sort of sexual encounter in the office or something. Wait for the liquidation sale anybody?

#2, Chesapeake Energy’s Aubrey McClendon, who excessively spends to the point where Business Week claims that he cannot tell the difference between the company’s cash and his own.

#3, is Andrea Jung of Avon, whose company’s internal structure is in chaos. Avon is a company I am familiar with as I have friends who have been e-mailed, including myself into working for. It is competitive and commission based. I smell a pyramid scheme.

#5, Rodrigo Rato. Apparently, he was chairman of Spanish bank Bankia, as well as previously been Spain’s former finance minister and a former managing director of the IMF. He should be #1, as not a single one of these things are doing good. Who did the ingenious thing of hiring him again and again?

Andrew Mason almost made the list. Mark Zuckerberg surprisingly did not make the list as well, but was very close.

Without a do, #4 is Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga, Inc.  These games are addictive, and they are terrible and make you feel awful after playing them; no one wants to play them again: they do not make money anymore.
That is not anybody’s official statement on the matter.
However, I believe that is what gamers are thinking.

Another fun fact is that all these stocks are up today… Go figure.

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