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Q Entertainment director Nobuhiko Shimizu told Eurogamer today that since completing work on 2011’s Child of Eden, SEGA and Q Entertainment producer “[Tetsuya] Mizuguchi does not produce the games… He’s now more of a spokesperson. He’s not developing stuff right now.”

Shimizu continued, stating that Tetsuya Mizuguchi “has become involved in academic work, though he remains at the company he co-founded.”

Tetsuya Mizuguchi is well-known for games such as Rez, Child of Eden, Space Channel 5, Lumines, Meteos, Ninety-Nine Nights, and some of SEGA’s Rally racing games. He was truly a video game revolutionary.

Although it is good that he is still in a leadership role, one must wonder: with recent news of this and other designers and producers leaving the field, such as Team Ico and the founders of Bioware, is this an issue of bad or uncomfortable treatment in the corporate sector, or is it just an issue of growing tired of the long production times in the video game industry with its long production times?

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