Terraria, the hit Indie RPG action adventure crafting construction side-scroller (phew!) has become the first Xbox Live Arcade downloadable title to outsell the incredible weekly sales numbers of the behemoth Minecraft (which, at this point, would be almost unfair to call “indie”).

During Terraria’s debut week on XBLA, the title sold an astounding 127,944 units. Compare that with Minecraft which sold “only” 81,205 units during this same weekly period.

This makes Terraria, along with Minecraft in first place, the best-selling titles of March 2013. And gives Terraria the unique distinction of being the first title to unset Minecraft’s incredible XBLA sales run.

While we’re on the subject, Minecraft itself sold a TOTAL of 250,000 XBLA units during the month of March, for a grand total, life-to-date, of over 6 million Xbox 360 (via XBLA) units sold. Why Minecraft is not yet on the PlayStation Network is a mystery to me… unless Microsoft is somehow keeping that gravy train flowing…

Terraria itself is available on Steam (where it first made it’s PC debut), as well as PSN (not yet released in Europe or Australia) and Xbox Live Arcade (worldwide). It will hit PS Vita this Summer.

Minecraft meanwhile was first released on PC, then later hit Android, iOS and mobile platforms, as well as Xbox Live Arcade. To date Minecraft, the Indie phenomenon, has sold a mind-blowing 20 million copies across all platforms. Making it one of the biggest and most popular Indie games of all time.


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