Welcome to the Showdown everyone. This is the first edition were two competitors enter and one leaves a little more superior. This will not be between two video game characters, but rather a video game character, or even a game itself that will be compared and contrasted to something in pop culture. From there the contestants are judged in individual categories. The one with the edge gets a point (unless stated otherwise), and the contestant with the most points wins…The winner will be determined by the best of 7 random categories. The first one to four points wins. Ready? Time to begin!

Introducing the combatants, first from Los Angeles, California, he is the protagonist of L.A. Noire Cole Phelps! His opponent, From Baltimore, Maryland he is an Olympic gold medalist, he is Michael Phelps!

Round 1: How Phelps Served His Country
Cole Phelps served his country as a member of the United States Marine Corps and was shipped to Okinawa, Japan during World War II in 1945.

Michael Phelps served his country in multiple swimming events including the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece and the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China.

Edge: You can't mess with a member of the United States Military, much less a Marine, who are considered some of the baddest people on the planet.
Cole-1, Michael-0

Round 2: What did Phelps Win?
Cole Phelps was awarded the Silver Star of valor in the face of the enemy, the thrid highest decoration throughout all branches of the Military.

Michael Phelps won a total combination of 16 Olympic medals including a combination of 14 gold medals.

Edge: It's not a good thing to mess with a Marine, but the unsavory actions taken during the war give the edge to the swimmer.
Cole-1, Michael-1

Round 3: What else does Phelps do?

Cole Phelps: Went from the Military to the Los Angeles Police Department and rose through the ranks of the L.A.P.D. quickly. Though this is his primary gig, he doesn't really have a secondary.

Michael Phelps: Olympic gold winner as a swimmer Phelps is also a spokesman for Vitamin Water, Under Armor, Speedo, and Subway just to name a few.

Edge: By default, Michael takes this one.
Cole-1 Michael-2

Round 4: What Did Phelps Do Wrong?

Cole Phelps: During the story of L.A. Noire we find out Cole cheats on his wife with a lounge singer and keeps going back to

save her from the life she's living.

Michael Phelps: Was caught smoking marijuana out of a bong.

Edge: Very tough call here, but since Michael never served jail time for one reason or another, Cole Phelps paid for his wrong doing whether he deserved it or not. Point goes to Cole.
Cole-2, Michael 2.

Round 5: The Headwear

Cole Phelps: To go along with his collection of suits and ties, Cole wears a fedora. He usually doesn't take it off even if getting into a fight.

Michael Phelps: To pair with his swim trunks at the Olympics, Michael wears a swimming cap to make himself more aerodynamic and swim faster through the water.

Edge: From Indiana Jones to Humphrey Bogart, the fedora is a timeless hat that has a look of class, but has a with a touch of working class that makes those that can pull it off classic. The swimming cap can usually only be worn in one instance, which is why Cole gets the point.
Cole-3, Michael-2.

Round 6: The Better Talent

Cole Phelps: Along with his super sleuthing abilities, and extremely accurate shooting, Cole has the uncanny ability to get the truth out of anyone that is lying by simply doubting them. It's one thing to catch someone red handed in a lie when you have the evidence, but when there isn't any evidence, Cole just simply threatens them and/or raises his voice for the truth and the suspect gives it to them.

Michael Phelps: The guy swims…FAST. He has world records, gold medals, and a ton of money from something that seems simple, yet a significant portion of the entire world (including Cole Phelps) can't swim.

Edge: To make money on something that some people do for leisure, and do it well enough to make a living off of is a remarkable thing. However, to get the truth out of people simply because you asked for it is even more remarkable because it can be used more in the real world. Point and series go to Cole Phelps

Cole-4, Michael-2

There you have it Cole edges out Michael, in the battle of the Phelps. Congrats Cole, though the tactics might not have been the cleanest, you're doing your part to clean up the mean streets of Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Police Department itself. Be thankful this wasn't a swimming race or a shootout or this would be one sided. Still, for his contributions to gamers and society, Cole Phelps receives bragging rights over his rival today.


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