As to be expected, Microsoft is working on a number of titles for the launch of their new console.  Microsoft has done their best to try and keep any details of these games from getting out to the public, that is until now.  Multiple sources from The Verge may have leaked some information on the next-gen titles.

According to the sources, four of the launch titles will include a new Forza game with “super life-like graphics”, a zombie game, a family game that will use next-gen Kinect functionality, and RyseRyse is a first person hack and slash game that takes place during the Roman Empire, where you play as a Roman warrior.  The game utilizes the Kinect which means you will need to use your body in order to kick, slash, and guard yourself from enemies.

Ryse was initially revealed in 2011 at E3.  The game was meant to be a Xbox 360 title, but it was never released.  As months went by Crytek claimed the game was still in development, and obviously it was but not for the Xbox 360. The Verge claims that they were told that Ryse has been designed to be “Microsoft’s new Gears of War / Halo mega launch title.”  Ryse‘s E3 trailer can be seen below.

*Please keep in mind that these are only rumors, nothing has been confirmed yet.*

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