Infinite Dreams, the developer of iOS games such as Can Knockdown and Shoot the Birds, releases its new game Shoot the Zombirds onto the app store this week. Shoot the Zombirds is a shooting gallery game that tries to capitalize on the recent popularity of zombies while providing a compact yet addictive gameplay experience.

The pumpkids are in trouble again, as an undead horde of zombirds is after them, and you are given the task of protecting the pumpkids and repelling the zombie attack. You are given a crossbow and some magical power-ups to accomplish this task – simply shoot arrows at zombified birds as they fly across the screen. However, you are only given a specific number of arrows to accomplish this task, so if you run out of arrows, it’s game over. Luckily, for every zombird kill, you gain an additional arrow in your quiver. The premise is simple but there is a certain amount of strategy to the game. You want to try to hit two zombirds with one arrow because you’ll be awarded two additional arrows. Also, magical items will give you a distinct advantage, so use them wisely. The game starts the player with 5 arrows and two pumpkids for you to protect. As you progress you’ll have to protect more pumpkids and deal with more zombirds. However, if you want to start with more arrows, you can purchase them in the in-game store as an upgrade. Upgrades are earned by collecting coins, which are carried by floating skulls that will pass by on-screen. If you manage to shoot one, the coins are yours. Another upgrade increases the amount of skulls that spawn in the game. The upgrades work well, but it would have been nice to have access to more (such as shooting multiple arrows), as this would have added more to the game.

Shoot the Zombirds gives the player different objectives such as shooting 25 Zombirds, scoring 5000 points, or collecting 100 coins. If you run out of arrows or lose all the pumpkids without completing your objective, it is game over and you must try again. For every objective completed, your score multiplier increases by one. It would have been nice to give the player multiple objectives to complete with each playthrough, giving them more incentive to keep going. The game progresses in waves, increasing in difficulty and adding newer Zombirds as you complete each wave. This game model works well in the beginning, but progressing to the higher difficulties holds little in the way of incentives to keep players going. The game becomes rather repetitive, and players will find themselves trying to achieve high scores rather than accomplishing meaningful tasks or working towards long-term goals. It doesn’t make this a bad game at all, but it does limit the replayability for the end game stages.

From a technical point of view, this game is a high-quality download. The visuals are crisp and look great, the controls are easy to master and put your touch control skills to work, and the game itself runs well, with no apparent glitches or defects to speak of. When you consider the price of the game, you would be hard-pressed to find a title of better quality than this.

Overall, our experience with Shoot the Zombirds was a positive one. It is an enjoyable game with a slick art style and superior in-game music. It may not cater to long play sessions due to its limited end-game content, but it does a great job of keeping the player engaged during the first few hours of gameplay, which keeps the value of this budget-priced title high. If a slick-looking and easy to pick up iOS game is your thing, Shoot the Zombirds should be a definite buy. Shoot the Zombirds can be found on the iTunes Store today for $0.99 or on the Google Play Marketplace for free.

[xrr rating=8/10]

This review is based on a review copy of the iOS version of Shoot the Zombirds by Infinite Dreams

Shoot the Zombirds $0.99

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