WiiU Introduction – This is the first look of an actual WiiU gamepad up close. We did catch a quick glimpse of the system at the Ubisoft Conference, but this is a much more in depth view. However, the view was rather brief.

Pikmin 3 – A new HD version of Pikmin is coming to the WiiU. They also announced a new Pikmin type, the rock Pikmin. These new troop type will be able to damage enemies and break hard objects. They also show that you can now control up to 4 leaders, and you’ll need them all to solve puzzles and perform advanced tasks. For those Pikmin fans, or just those that enjoy task management games, this should be a strong entry in the WiiU launch library.

WiiU Extended Info – They announced the Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon instant video will be available for the WiiU. This isn’t surprising seeing as how those video streaming services are available everywhere. There is also talk about “assymetric gaming” where two different people will play at the same time using different input equipment. The conversation continued on to announce that one WiiU system will support two gamepads. There was more info on the gamepad itself. It will have a built in mic and camera, rumble features, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and of course, a large touchpad. However, the infrared receiver on the back of the unit is interesting and begs the question why it is there.

Miiverse – Available day one on the WiiU and eventually on 3DS, PC, Phones. This will be the software that powers the WiiU and will be the hub where you access the systems features. It resembles Playstation’s Vita or Nintendo Wii’s software where icons appear on the screen that represent programs. It is fairly simple and should do the job just fine.

New Super Mario Brothers U – Finally, Super Mario in HD and he looks great. They stuck with the same formula that made him famous from the start. The game is a side scrolling, 2D platformer just like the classic Mario games. There is also four player co-op which seems to work exactly like it did in New Super Mario Wii. With a stronger online system featured in the WiiU, this game will surely be a big hit for Nintendo.

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition – This is Batman Arkham City adapted to be controlled by the WiiU system. The screen on the gamepad will display additional information about the world as you are exploring it. There are a few unique features that take advantage of the WiiU control scheme, but it is essentially the same game. Since Arkham City is out of the PS3 and Xbox360, the game will be old news by the time this hits the WiiU.

Scribblenauts Unlimited – The game looks great on HD, and it is nice to bring it to a big screen. They have a creation sharing system that allows you to create puzzle solving items and let everyone see what you did. You can now draw what you want and the game brings it to life rather than using a dictionary and having pre-made characters. It looks great, and it is a nice edition to the lineup and for the franchise.

Trailer showing titles coming to the system including Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Trine 2 Directors Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge, Aliens Colonial Marines.

Wii Fit U – This is a new software suite for the Wii Fit peripheral. It also showed a “Fit Meter” that links up with the gamepad that keeps track of the calories you burn.

Sing – The gamepad becomes a teleprompter for karaoke as you sing along with your favorite songs. The camera also watches you and prompts you to perform certain dance moves to the song.

New Super Mario Brothers 2 – This is a 2D Mario adventure for the 3ds available August 19th of this year. Another 2D side scrolling platformer similar to the first game. There is an emphasis on collecting coins for this game, but there wasn’t much information available on this title.

Paper Mario Sticker Star – Yet another 3DS game featuring Mario. This game will include a new mechanic using stickers, where they become weapons and items in the game. It seems like it is borrowing from Super Mario 3 where you could store items and use them when you want to. Again, there wasn’t much information available on this title. Look for Paper Mario Sticker Star this holiday season.

Luigi’s Mansion – A new 3DS title feature the brother of the star, Luigi. This game will be a follow up to Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube. You play as Luigi, and it is up to you to capture ghosts and find your way through the mansion. It doesn’t seem to depart too much from the original formula. Look for this title this holiday season.

Trailer showing more exclusive titles for the WiiU including Castlevania: Mirror of fate, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Kingdom Hearts 3D

Lego City Undercover – A WiiU title that seems to play like an open world game taking place in a city made of Legos. It seems like all the Lego humor and gameplay that’s been so popular recently is back with a bigger, more immersive game. It was just a trailer, but it was enough to see what this game is going to be and who is going to be interested in it.

Ubisoft talks about their offerings on the WiiU

Just Dance 4 – They show how the game works and how you can choose which dance moves you want to perform by tapping the control pad.

ZombiU – This is a first person, survival title exclusive for the WiiU. They show how the gamepad can be used in a number of ways including a zombie scanner, a keypad for getting into doors or even a high powered scope for your rifle. The graphics were impressive, and it should be something to watch for when more information comes out.

Nintendo Land – This is a virtual theme park for the WiiU. Your Mii travels through the park and your Mii reflects the attraction you decide to visit. It is essentially Nintendo mascot themed minigame collection that uses the WiiU in different ways. It doesn’t look all that interesting, but it will certainly highlight what the WiiU can do.

Overall, Nintendo had a decent show this year. The focus was on the WiiU as it should be, and it seems that they will be getting plenty of support from Ubisoft. If you’ve been following the progression of the WiiU, you should be happy with how much information has been released for this console. We know what it looks like and how it will be used. Are you going to purchase a WiiU? Let us know in comments section below and stay tuned to NGN for more updates.