Reflexes are important for everyday life – having a fast reaction time and faster reflexes ultimately means having a better quality of life. For example, having a quick reaction time means the difference between items like your cell phone hitting the ground or being caught at the last minute. But perhaps the most important purpose of having quick reflexes is to have the tools necessary to succeed in Interwave Studios’s latest creation, rComplex, which is available exclusively on the iOS marketplace.

rComplex is an excellent game in a very underrepresented genre, featuring our protagonist, an unnamed hero, running automatically away from a tentacled monster. The purpose of the game is to run, jump, slide and shoot your way past the obstacles that get in your way. If you fail to react to the obstacles in your path then you will stumble, causing you to lose ground against the monster, or you could simply die. Thankfully, you can pick up bullets along the way that keep the monster at bay. If the creature does catch up to you, you can “tap” your way out, but the more you get caught the harder it is to escape. Finally, if you get good at avoiding obstacles you will enter the zen mode. Once your are in zen mode, it will increase your running speed, which helps you avoid the monster. Overall, the game has a repetitive feel, but the gameplay is given some variety by the addition of motorcycle levels. Here, the player will ride a motorcycle instead of running, but the controls remain the same. It is a nice change of pace and keeps the game from becoming too repetitive, which this genre tends to become after a short while. The premise and story are simple, but it is the gameplay that makes this game quite engaging.

Part of the beauty of this game is its simplified control scheme. There are two arrows on the right side of the screen – if a blue object is approaching, hit the down arrow to slide underneath. If there is a green object approaching, press the up arrow to jump over the obstacle. There are a few other mechanics, but at the game’s core, the controls are very easy to learn and master. However, timing is critical in this game, and if you fail to execute the correct maneuver at the precise moment then this game will punish you – if you make a mistake, you start back at the beginning.

rComplex is an extremely difficult game. However, there are many things to appreciate about it – it’s truly unique, and worthy of space on your device. The game features a compelling story laid out in an enjoyable manner, and in addition, the soundtrack is awesome. Its feature song is especially catchy and needs to be available for purchase.

Though this game does lots of things right, there are a few things that just don’t hit their mark. As mentioned earlier, the game is extremely difficult. After completing the first few levels, the reaction time needed to pass by the obstacles becomes extremely fast, and players can easily become frustrated when their reaction time is not quick enough to advance. Secondly, the controls, while simple and minimalistic, are not as responsive as they should be. There are large icons for the “UP” and “DOWN” arrows, but they need to be hit directly in the center of the buttons. This unforgiving hit detection leaves players at a disadvantage for completing a level on the first or second attempt.

The team over at Interwave Studios has a strong foundation of a game here, and rComplex is a worthy addition to your virtual mobile gaming library. The unique story and design combined with fast-paced gameplay provides gamers with an excellent source of mobile entertainment. With a few minor improvements, rComplex has the potential to become a must-own for all gamers out there. Today we give rComplex 7 out of 10 bullets shot.

[xrr rating=7/10]

This review is based off a review copy of the iOS version of rComplex by Interwave Studios

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