“Everybody’s been there. You try to look away, but you can’t stop staring. You just want to say something, or, maybe, just maybe, you want to just drop something in there and see what happens…” This is the objective of Plumber Crack, a new game released by Fluik Entertainment, which is now available on iOS devices, and is coming soon to Android devices.

Your sole purpose in this game  is to throw ice cubes into a plumber’s crack. Yes, they actually made a game about this. The more consecutive cubes you get down his pants, the bigger the value of coins fall out. For example, you start off at 1 cent; hit four in a row, and move up to 2 cents, and so on. Missed throws, however, decrease the coin size. You can tap a bomb button in the lower left corner to ignore misses and keep your streak alive. All the currency you earn builds into “crack dollars”. Despite the name, this money is not used for horrible, life-destroying drugs; instead, they are used at the plumber’s store, where you can buy different outfits, objects to throw, tattoos, and more bombs.

The user interface is set up nicely. You have your “crack dollar” meter on the left, which fills when you make cubes down the plumber’s crack. On the right is the mystery box meter. You fill that up, and you’ve earned a mystery box that most likely contains a trophy to add to your collection. Both are easy to see out of the corner of your eye while playing, so there’s no need to take your eyes of the beautiful vista laid out before you.

You will notice throughout the game that the plumber rarely stays put. This makes the game a lot more fun than similar throwing simulation games, such as Paper Toss, where you throw at a stationary object repeatedly. He usually sways left and right, and sometimes bumps his head and goes unconscious for a few seconds. He can also knock your ice cubes out of the way as he pulls up his pants, so be careful when you throw them, or your streak will come to an end!

This game has potential to be really fun, but the developers make you work for it. Instead of just giving the player all four different game modes, you have to collect items and trophies or spend your “crack bucks” to unlock them. In the “Zen” mode, you have no objectives to meet; it’s just non-stop throwing action. This is the place to stack up big “crack bucks” and gain mystery boxes. Other game modes you can unlock include “Arcade”, “Time Attack”, and “Sharpshooter”, which all seem pretty self explanatory.

Plumber Crack is exceedingly addicting for a couple of reasons. The game is simple as can be, with an easy flick being the only control. It makes you keep coming back to try and unlock items and modes, and because it’s just a funny situation we can all relate to. Graphics are good and pop nicely, and the sounds are really alerting to keep you in the game. One thing that could use improvement is the amount of objects to throw, as a bit of variety always helps. Plumber Crack is a silly game for all ages, and is addicting to anyone who enjoys throwing objects down a fat man’s crack, a sentence which is even more disturbing when typed out.

[xrr rating=9/10]


This review is based off a retail copy of the iOS version of Plumber Crack by Fluik Entertainment

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  • Reader

    My beef with this game is that if you finally reach the full meter, 10c per coin, you don’t earn a crack buck with every 100c! What a gyp!

  • Woman Crack

    They’ve updated the game to include a woman now. Now you don’t have to stare at the fat man’s arse all the time. Though it’s easier to get things down the fat man’s crack than the girl. She’s skinnier and everything falls off her back. I recommend playing the girl for first timers. Makes your skills sharper when you move to the fat man!