Kickers have been the butt of football jokes since the first kick was launched in the NFL. However, all that is about to change; our good friends at Full Fat Games have released a new mobile game that puts the kicker in the spotlight. Now gamers will have the chance to let their inner Sebastian Janokoski loose and learn that kicking is anything but simple. NFL Kicker! HD is available to download on your iOS and Android devices.

The team over at Full Fat Games has continued to develop and perfect the finger-flicking genre of games. While NFL Kicker! HD is reminiscent of their other games, this game does present gamers with new and unique challenges. Gamers have five different modes of play that incorporate both punting and field goal kicking. The first mode you will encounter is the “Basic Skills” mode. This mode serves as the tutorial, and it gives gamers a chance to hone their craft. Whether you are a rookie kicker or a veteran of Full Fat Games, this mode will teach you the basics you need to know to start your kicking career.

Once you get past the “Basic Skills” mode, you will move onto the main part of the game. The first mode that is available to players is the “In the Zone” mode. Gamers are given three footballs to get through the uprights; simply kick the football through the uprights, and you earn points and extend gameplay. Points are given based on where the football goes through the uprights. If you manage to get the ball through the center of the uprights, you will earn three points, but if the kick is just inside the uprights, you will only earn one point. As you progress through the game, the wind speed will increase, making it much more difficult to keep the ball on track. Once all three field goals are missed, the game ends, and your score is recorded.

The next mode available is the “Time Attack” mode. You’ll start with sixty seconds on the clock, and you are tasked with hitting one of five highlighted pillars. Once you hit all five areas, more time will be added to the clock. If you manage to hit the pillars in sequence, you get a larger time bonus. Like other modes, with every pillar you hit, the faster the cross winds get, increasing the difficulty of the game. Once time runs out, it’s game over

If you are starting to master field goal kicking, try the “Hit the Uprights” mode. In this mode, you will have to hit the uprights, just as the name implies. Thanks to the extraordinarily small uprights, this mode is particularly tricky. Things get even worse when wind is added to the kick, making for a mode that is certainly not for the faint of heart.

This game is not just for the people who clamor for the glamorous position of field goal kicker; if you want to be a punter, this game has you covered. “Coffin Corner” and “Coffin Corner Pro” modes give potential punters the opportunity to show their skills on the field. “Coffin Corner” is where punters are positioned down the field, facing the corner. The object of this mode is to punt the ball so it lands right before the touchdown marker and bounces out of play. Of course, there are several score multiplier rings on the field to ramp your score up quickly. This mode gets particularly challenging, since controlling the bounce of the ball is unpredictable. The “Pro” mode offers additional challenges, including more distance between you and the corner and intense winds.

The sheer amount of different playable modes is a significant positive of the game. Anyone who purchases this game will definitely get their money’s worth. There is lots of gameplay to be experienced as your kicker climbs the ranks, and all five modes do a terrific job of keeping gamers interested. The “Coffin Corner” mode is of particular not; it only takes seconds to complete, and leaves gamers feeling amazingly satisfied despite this length. Since this game can be played in short spurts, it makes it perfect for mini-game sessions on a bus, train, or anywhere else you may find yourself with nothing to do. In addition to its compact nature, the controls in this game are excellent. The screen sensitivity is set at a comfortable level, so you don’t have to press hard against the screen to get the game to respond. All you need is a light touch, and you’ll get the ball to do what you want it to do. The ball is also quite responsive when using the mid-flight controls. Simply swipe in the direction you want the ball to go, and it does exactly that.

If you are new to Full Fat Games, you will notice that these games are fully licensed with the National Football League. Gamers can see their name on the back of their favorite NFL team’s jersey. The fact that you can play on the team you know and love is a huge positive for this game.

NFL Kicker! HD leaves little room for improvement. Gamers will notice the quality of the game immediately. The controls are tight, the NFL license is used perfectly, and the gameplay is addicting and fun. The only thing we would have liked to see on this title is online play. Being able to compete against others would add a fair amount of depth to all of the aforementioned modes. Seeing your score against your friends would be a lot of fun.

NFL Kicker! HD is available to download for your device of choice via the Google Play or iTunes marketplace. With so many modes and mini-games to choose from and a seemingly infinite amount of gameplay, we give this game 9 out 10 coffin corner punts.

[xrr rating=9/10]

This review is based on a review copy of the iPad version of NFL Kicker HD by Full Fat Games

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