Developer: Sucker Punch
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Rating: Mature

Halloween… Candy, scary movies, zombies, monsters, and now vampires, thanks to the new stand-alone, downloadable-content inFamous: Festival of Blood. For $10, Sucker Punch has added another chapter to the inFamous universe. So, do these vampires suck more than your blood? Here’s the review.

InFamous: Festival of Blood starts off with Zeke sitting in a bar, wasting time; however, he soon takes notice of, and attempts to advance on, an attractive young lady. Unfortunately for Zeke, she isn’t having any of it, at least until Zeke mentions Cole MacGrath. Zeke then proceeds to tell the story of the Pyre Night they spent in New Marais. Gameplay picks up as Cole MacGrath enters the New Marais catacombs to investigate why people go missing when they enter them.

We find out that vampires have taken over the catacombs, capturing MacGrath when he enters. Their goal is to use his blood to resurrect the head vampire, a female named Bloody Mary. She proceeds to feed on him, and it is up to Cole to kill Bloody Mary before sunrise, or he will remain her slave for eternity.

Throughout the game, Cole’s powers are condensed down to basic powers, such as the bolt and grenades. Upgrades come through activities in the game, such as staking a certain amount of vampires, or killing a certain amount of the larger, “first-born” vampires. The powers have been condensed down to accommodate the new vampire powers, such as swarm flying and heightened vampire sense.

For those that have played inFamous 2, only the downtown area of New Marais is open. Flood Town and the Industrial district are locked. The downtown area is celebrating Pyre Night, a night that mixes Halloween and Mardi Gras (without the beads, if you catch my drift). It’s a very festive night, with balloons, fireworks, and people in costumes walking down the street celebrating. The lack of the other areas from the main game does take away from the DLC as a whole.

The story campaign isn’t all that long, lasting a few hours or so. The game does open up for to sandbox mode after the campaign, but its only useful if you want to get all the trophies. There are no side missions, only opportunities to stop vampire packs. Along with the fact that there are no side missions, there also are no karma opportunities either.

For everything going for it, it’s still small for an inFamous game, especially for one that’s released after the second game. While there isn’t a lot to do, it’s only $10, and it’s an inFamous title that fans will have some mindless fun with. The city’s festive atmosphere and vampires make the game fun. As DLC, it’s okay, but I was expecting more out of it, especially in the single player campaign.

Final Verdict: inFamous: Festival of Blood gets 7 electric vampires out of 10

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This review is based on a retail copy of the Playstation 3 version of inFamous: Festival of Blood by Sucker Punch and Sony Online Entertainment.

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